Dual Tool

One Step Simplicity

Dual Tool Mopping

Don’t slip up and fall down on your floor care program. Dual Tool attaches to any string mop handle and works with your current floor care program to make it even faster and easier to keep your floors clean and safe.

With One Step Simplicity your team will deck brush every time they mop ensuring that soil build-up and polymerization don’t occur. The patented Dual Tool design helps protect your brand image and ensure your customers keep coming back.

There are two types of Dual Tools depending on whether you use a “Universal” handle. If you use a “Universal” handle we have a Universal Dual Tool. Otherwise, we have a SnapOn-SnapOff Dual Tool handle. Shown below are videos on how to use either type of Dual Tool.

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Clean Better Faster
Improves performance of your chemical program Simplifies the daily floor cleaning process for your employees Floors dry faster than after standard mopping and deck brushing
Improves the cleaning performance of string mops and extends their useful life Agitates the floor typically 96% better than a string mop and 73% better than
a deck brush
Agitates while mopping reducing the time to mop up to 75%
Visual wear indicator shows employees when it’s time for replacement Reduces the frequency of slips and falls due to higher floor traction Reduces the time and cost of the daily floor cleaning process
Dual Tool is 100% recyclable

Did your Risk Management team tell you this?

FACT: Foodservice back of house (“BOH”) slips and falls represent as high as 45% of all workers compensation claims dollars.

Did you know this about your customers?

FACT: Foodservice front of house (“FOH”) customers slips and falls account for 57% of general liability claims.

Did you prepare for extra staffing?

FACT: Most workers take 5 days off after a slip/fall. More than 22% of worker slips/falls require >31 days away from work.