Microfiber Polar Pad

For Cleaning And Burnishing

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Clean. Better. Faster.

Microfiber textile designed to remove deeply embedded soil from floor surface

Simplifies the daily floor cleaning process for staff

Superior cleaning performance delivered with one-pass without harsh abrading or beating surface with stiff bristles

Quiet cleaning reduces disturbance to those around

Simplifies training for new staff

Improves indoor air quality by eliminating dust when burnishing

Non-abrasive burnishing increases the time between strip and recoat

One pad for multiple floor surfaces reduces need to switch pads during cleaning

Eliminates “burn” marks and dull spots by adjusting to floor contours

Rinse and reuse to outlast traditional pads

Did your Risk Management team tell you this?

FACT: Foodservice back of house falls represent as high as 45% of all workers compensation claims dollars.

Did you know this about your customers?

FACT: Foodservice front of house customers slips and falls account for 57% of general liability claims.

Did you prepare for extra staffing?

FACT: Most workers take 5 days off after a slip and fall and over 22% of all worker slips and falls require more than 31 days away from work.